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Misratah Airport

Andere Namen: MRA, Misratah Airport

Misurata Mediumwave Transmitter

Andere Namen: Misurata Mediumwave Transmitter

Qabilat `Abbad

Andere Namen: Qabīlat ‘Abbād

Dur al `Abbasiyah

Andere Namen: Dūr al ‘Abbāsīyah

Thimad al `Abbasiyah

Andere Namen: Athmad `al Abbasiyah,Athmād ‘al Abbāsīyah,Thimad al `Abbasiyah,Thimād al ‘Abbāsīyah, Thimād al ‘Abbāsīyah

Bi'r `Abd al Hafiz

Andere Namen: Bi’r ‘Abd al Ḩafīz̧

Qarat `Abd al Jalil

Andere Namen: Qārat ‘Abd al Jalīl

Qarat `Abd al Jalil

Andere Namen: Garet Abd el-Gelil,Gáret Abd el-Gelíl,Qarat `Abd al Jalil,Qārat ‘Abd al Jalīl,Tawil `Abd al Jalil,Tuil Abd el-Gelil,Tuíl Abd el-Gelíl,Ţawīl ‘Abd al Jalīl, Qārat ‘Abd al Jalīl

Quwayrat `Abd al Jalil

Andere Namen: Quwayrāt ‘Abd al Jalīl

Shatib `Abd al Maqsud

Andere Namen: Shatib `Abd al Magsud,Shatib `Abd al Maqsud,Shaţīb ‘Abd al Magşūd,Shaţīb ‘Abd al Maqşūd, Shaţīb ‘Abd al Maqşūd

Bi'r `Abd al Qadir

Andere Namen: Bi'r `Abd al Qadir,Bir Abd el-Gader,Bir Abd el-Gáder,Bi’r ‘Abd al Qādir, Bi’r ‘Abd al Qādir

Shatib `Abd ar Rahman

Andere Namen: Shaţīb ‘Abd ar Raḩmān

Bi'r `Abd ar Ra'uf

Andere Namen: Bi'r Abd ar Ra'ut,Bi'r `Abd ar Ra'uf,Bi'r `Abd ar Rawwaf,Bi'r `Abd er Rawwaf,Bir Abd er-Rauf,Bir Abd er-Rauna,Bir Abd er-Rauuaf,Bir Abd er-Rauuáf,Bir Abd er-Raúf,Bi’r Abd ar Ra’ut,Bi’r ‘Abd ar Rawwāf,Bi’r ‘Abd ar Ra’ūf,Bi’r ‘Abd er Rawwāf, Bi’r ‘Abd ar Ra’ūf

Hatiyat `Abd ar Ra'uf

Andere Namen: Hatiyat `Abd ar Ra'uf,Hatiyat `Abd ar Rawwaf,Ḩaţīyat ‘Abd ar Ra’ūf,Ḩāţiyat ‘Abd ar Rawwaf, Ḩaţīyat ‘Abd ar Ra’ūf

Saniyat `Abd as Salam ar Rahim

Andere Namen: Sāniyat ‘Abd as Salām ar Raḩīm

Sabkhat al Abib

Andere Namen: Sabkhat al Abīb

Wadi al Abtah

Andere Namen: Uadi el-Btah,Uádi el-Btah,Wadi al Abtah,Wadi al Bitah,Wādī al Abţaḩ,Wādī al Biţāḩ, Wādī al Abţaḩ

Ra's Abu al Khirfan

Andere Namen: Ra’s Abū al Khirfān

Wadi Abu al Khirfan

Andere Namen: Wādī Abū al Khirfān

Wadi Abu al Qulub

Andere Namen: Wādī Abū al Qulūb

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